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We are seeking manuscripts for books on self-help topics, collection of sayings, jokes etc., poetry, short stories, and novella.  All books must be appropriate to the mission and vision of Submissions that are derogatory to any one given viewpoint or speak against, incite or threaten any one view point, or any persons, will not be considered. Please send a one page abstract for book proposals. Please include your name and contact information. Please email to   Unlike some e-book publishers, we will not charge for publishing the books, except for the nominal charge of acquiring an ISBN No ($125) and for copyrighting the book ($35).  Our publishing model is to provide a space where new (or published) authors have the opportunity to share with e-readers, their work, without having to pay thousands of dollars.  Once the book is published, will take only 20% of the price of the book and 80% will go to the author. For more details, please contact,


Current Titles

Please click on the book jacket, or click on: for complete details, including readers' comments, and an interview with the author.

(The above e-booklet, Smile, Breathe & Laugh Off A Lay Off is available free of charge. If anyone would like a copy, kindly send an email to:   

(The above e-booklet, Surviving & Thriving in the U.S. is available free of charge. If anyone would like a copy, kindly send an email to:




This is absolutely fantastic!  I commend you for all these wonderful ventures you are undertaking.  Your vision has certainly been realized.  Congratulations Anita!  I'm very impressed. 

Dorothy Phaire             

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