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Purpose and Mission is intended to be a repository, storehouse, and a knowledge database on diversity-related information that one can find on the internet and otherwise. This can include websites on diversity issues, educational institution’s diversity websites, corporate and government websites that deal with diversity, laws and regulations on diversity, conferences and workshops on diversity and so forth. It does not claim to have every item of information on diversity; rather, it is an attempt to be as comprehensive as possible. will also provide an avenue for presenting and discussing various issues and viewpoints on diverse matters. is a space for showcasing established writers and encouraging young and/or new writers on diversity issues. will finally attempt to raise money to institute diversity scholarships for college studies.  Scholarships will be awarded to junior and senior high school students who have exemplified diversity in their academic, co-curricular or community life. will not support any one given viewpoint.  It is a work in progress and with your input and support, will keep growing -- evolving into an entity that is as diverse as our beautiful planet. Come; join us in discovering the world of diversity! 

All submissions will be reviewed prior to publication. The founder of retains the right to publish, reject or remove published submissions at any time.

Submissions that are derogatory to any one given viewpoint or speak against, incite or threaten any one view point or any persons will not be considered.

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