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Visitor Comments & Reviews        

Many of our website visitors have expressed appreciation for the website. A sampling of their views and comments appears below. We thank each of them for their interest in visiting our website and writing to us. Their comments are valuable and their suggestions will assist in making our website even better.

Even your commitment is diverse and dynamic as this site rocks with the new structure. Excellent!

Dr. Hubert D. Glover,  professor, entrepreneur and author


Have just read your latest additions to your website. The website is filled with inspired and inspiring info.    Keep up your important work: DIVERSITY needs to be REdiscovered, RE-searched globally, in all spheres of human (inter)activity. It is by dignifying DIVERSITY that we fulfill our responsibility as cooperative, planetary citizens. Your website contributes significantly to DIVERSITY-awareness and  DIVERSITY-sustaining. Carry on!         

Sunniest regards,        

Francisco Gomes de Matos, peace linguist-educator, Recife, Brazil


“I truly love what you have done with your site. You are a real force in the world. A lot of people talk about diversity... you live it. All the best”

Khalil Shadeed
Founder, Scholar’s Chair


"This is absolutely fantastic!  I commend you for all these wonderful ventures you are undertaking.  Your vision has certainly been realized.  Congratulations Anita!  I'm very impressed." 

Dorothy Phaire                


“I just perused your website, and had to take a moment to congratulate you! I think this is a wonderful idea, and applaud you for your efforts in promoting diversity. I firmly believe that all of us have much more in common than separates us; we just lack enough intimate knowledge of one another to realize this basic truth.      

I see by your bio that you've had wide exposure to diverse settings and raised your son on, as you stated, at the periphery'. These are the types of experiences that lead to greater understanding and acceptance [and sometimes pain as we encounter various biases and lesser 'evolved' individuals].

Keep up the good work; my prayers and support are with you.”

Victoria Rankin Marks, Ph.D.
Research Analyst, American Institute for Research, Washington DC


“The Discover Diversity website is truly a remarkable and well needed site in light of today’s global village. It is truly important that we appreciate the diversity of many different nations, cultures, and customs of the people who populate this global village we all live in. I believe that this website will help us all to better understand and relate to each other as we expand our reaches beyond our local neighborhoods into the world’s neighborhood.”

Leroy K. James
Chief of Police
Howard University


“Noble project, Dr. Nahal. Congratulations!” 

Emmanuel Glakpe, Ph.D. Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Howard University    

“Congratulations on your Web site. I am so excited for you. It is visually appealing and I really appreciated your bio and reading about your journey that got you to this point…Looking forward to what emerges next!”          

Tamarah Moss-Knight

“I Love your website, Dr. Nahal.  What a labor of love it is.  You are amazing!!!! You are such a giving person.  I felt so touched by how you write about your son.  I am so happy to have his experience of motherhood to really understand selflessness and the purest form of love.  I could really relate to your beautiful statements about him and being his mother.  That is soooooo special!

I hope that life finds you happy and receiving all of the benefits that it has to offer you.  You are surely deserving!”

Sheba Kane Lo

“This is a great work. I am for it 100%. We are from different cultures with different experiences, lifestyles, backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas, hence diversity. This website will be focal point to amalgamate our differences and help us to learn from each other. It is quite timely. Congratulations.

Judith Muhando, Ed. D. Candidate
Educational Admin.& Policy
School of Education, Howard University


“Wow. I went through your site and it is cool! Congratulations!!! I am already thinking of ways to contribute.  I want to congratulate the spirit of respect, wisdom and humility that seems to guide you.  I was very enlightened with your biography, but most especially, I was touched with your references and gratitude to your son.  I found your words of appreciation to him to be among the most beautiful things about you, your journey and your site.  I also have a son, Xavier, whom I love very much. But this morning, right before my coffee, you gave me the words to describe what I have been thinking in the past few months.  It is indeed an honor to be a parent!  Thank you already for your site.

Pedro Rivera

“Congratulations…it looks great!”

Charles J. Gibbs
Interim Vice Provost for Student Affairs
Howard University

“A wonderful website and a great service.”

Ramesh Chawla, Ph.D. Professor, Chemical Engineering, Howard University

“Excellent web-site.  I will definitely share it.”          

Dr. Ovetta Harris,Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Howard University


“Many congratulations for starting your own website and providing us a great place to learn, to share and discuss about the diversity. Best wishes.”

Chandra Bhan

“Wow, your website is very informative. After reading through the pages, I learned so much more about you and your father. I already knew you came from a family of scholars, but I didn't know how accomplished you both were. Thank you for sharing this information with me and I will definitely contribute to the discussions on diversity.     

The designs are really beautiful and so are this pictures :)”    

Tenille Jones

“The website looks excellent. Am impressed with your home-page and the captions say it all. Needless to say excellent job. Congrats!”

Dr. Snigdha Singh, Associate Professor, Miranda House, University of Delhi, India

“What a wonderful project!  The pages are quite creative and wonderful to look at.”

Dr. Barbara Griffin, Associate Provost, Howard University

“I love your website, very colorful…very attractive website.”           

Kirk Adair JD. MBA   
Howard University


Ati sunder…Hum yeh bhej ranhen hai hamaare parivaar ke logonko. Hame garv hai ki ham aapko jaante hai, Dhanyawaad.

Arvind  K.N. Nandedkar, Ph.D. Professor, Biochemistry, Howard university, Washington D.C.

“Your website is full of useful links and other information -- they are relevant to those of us from many different disciplines.  It's beautiful, well-organized and user-friendly, too.  A resource whose time has come.”

Carolyn M. Byerly, PhD, Department of Journalism, Howard University

“Great job on the website!  I read through it and I was truly impressed.  I hope it becomes a cornerstone for all things diversity related.”

Muteba Mukendi

“ You have done such an excellent job. Congratulations on this great endeavor of yours. I wish you more successes as you continue to empower and give voice to the voiceless. Great job! Well done and thank you.”

Mercy Nnsewo
Doctoral Student, Howard University


“I am enjoying the journey of your new website.  It is colorful, insightful, informative, and gracious, especially the section on “Gratitude.” I look forward to keeping an eye on your future expansions and developments.”

Lady Janét R. Griffin
English/Study Skills Instructor
Center for Academic Reinforcement
School of Education


“I have seen your website and it is very well done. I hope one day I can submit an essay because diversity is something that actually I am very interested in. I am going to share your website URL with my friends and professors.”

Cintia Ribeiro
US-Brazil Program Graduate Exchange Student


“I really like this. I am teaching Women of the Diaspora in the Spring and I will use this site.”

Sandra Jowers-Barber, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of History, University of the District of Columbia, Washington D.C.


“Love your website! And love what it is about even more! To me diversity is everyone, everything, every dot being different, unique, themselves beautifully together :) "

Ahilya Salwan

“Anita, this is very nice and wonderful site you have created. Thank you for sharing.”

Sunil Kanojia

“Diversity is a concept that is both intriguing and challenging. Though diversity is an integral part of our everyday lives it still raises various questions in our minds. Not always have we been able to successfully resolve those dilemmas on various aspects of diversity. Such unresolved issues have eventually become source of much tension and conflict. A website on diversity provides an excellent opportunity to reflect on our biases and create a platform that will enable us to understand, appreciate and celebrate differences in a positive manner.      

All the sections of are well thought out. This website tries to capture the myriad facets of the concept of diversity and this is truly commendable.

Conceptualizing this vast project must have been an arduous exercise. But it has taken a wonderful shape. I am sure this website will indeed be a repository of both information and personal experiences as promised.

I wish you all the best in your quest for diversity.”

Sreerupa Sengupta, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Sociology
Jadavpur University. West Bengal, India


I have seen your website on 'Diversity'.The most beautiful part is the 'Gratitude'. That is pure Indian feelings with poetic touch. It’s a lovely work. May God bless you with more enthusiasm and courage.

Dr. Puneeta Sharma
Associate Professor of Sanskrit
Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi, India



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